The Baha'i House of Worship Samoa

A place of worship open people of every religion in the beautiful islands of Samoa.

Samoa Tourism

Samoa is composed primarily of two relatively large islands – Upolu and Savaii. These picturesque islands are a treasure of natural beauty. Volcanic and mountainous, they are predominantly covered by lush tropic rainforest. They are home to numerous tropical flowers such as the many hues of hibiscus and teuila, as well as a variety of animal species. Coral reefs surround the majority of the shore, offering gentle seas, numerous lagoons, and abundant snorkeling.

The people of Samoa are known for their warmth, generosity, and hospitality. They are sometimes referred to as the happy people, being always ready with a smile or laugh. The traditional culture remains strong today and is a source of pride for many Samoans. This vibrant tradition is manifested in many aspects of day-to-day life, from the widespread use of the Samoan language, and Polynesian colors and patterns in clothing, to the strength of the extended family structure, and frequent observation of traditional ceremonies. Of particular note is the ancient art of tatau from which western cultures derived both the word and the practice of tattooing.

Samoa offers visitors a number of options to explore. Some may prefer to spend time in the capital city of Apia visiting fruit and vegetable markets, investigating shops, or learning about traditional handicraft. Many also choose to spend some of their time in one of the many fales, or traditional open-air cottages that can be found at numerous beaches. In addition to the House of Worship, there are a number of often-visited spots such as the Palolo Deep marine reserve, the Papase’ea sliding rocks, the Piula cave-pool, and the Robert Louis Stevenson museum, to name a few.

From warm tropical weather to pristine natural beauty to welcoming hosts, Samoa is an experience not to be missed.